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NOVEMBER 10 & 11: “Resident Evil: Origins” at TXR Paintball in Houston, TX

Who alls gonna make this one? Nate and I want to go, Chris is a maybe, come on with it yall!

If you have read the backstory you will note that the main parties in this conflict are Umbrella Corporation’s own security forces and those of “Blackthorne Security.” However, in the aftermath of the virus outbreak there are still a number of infected (aka “zombies”) limping, gimping, and crawling around the area. While not really a “third faction” they will serve as a hindrance to accomplishing your missions and locating important props.

The zombies will have a large balloon attached to one of their shoulders and, for all intents and purposes, will serve as their “head” with regard to eliminating them. To eliminate a zombie you must take out the balloon.

As we do not wish to promote physical contact the zombies will be armed, but only with pistols, or pumps with limited ammo. This will also be special ammo, and we will be tracking (as closely as possible) how many of each side are eliminated by zombies.

More info will be released as it is developed…

We will be taking a limited number of volunteers for the zombie roles. Interested parties should contact me at


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Teams list for “Broken Arrow: Dagger Protocol”

This one is shaping up to be a good one, over 125 players have registered, and paid for early bird!

Teams list for “Broken Arrow: Dagger Protocol”

Sides subject to change before event in order to balance sides

US Special Forces

5th Group SF
Alter Ego
Bandits Splat Paintball
Black List
COBRA Prospect
Dirt Monkeys
Kellen Saucier
Rocky’s Rabid Raccoons
Texas Roughnecks
Total Insanity

Georgian Forces
Aztek Warriors
Fireteam Omega
Fox Squad
Hellions ODA 163
LeanderPaintball Honey Badgers
nathan young
NTX Death Squad
Texas Ghostwalkers
Texas Light Infantry

Kell Hounds


RIP Karl “Dragon” Wolff

See you on the other side.

Zombieland 3 at Whatzuppaintball in Seven Points, Tx. 3/17/12-3/18/12

Zombieland 3 was good overall, the zombies started out with about 20 or so, and they were made up of members from Loyalty, Blackwatch, and a few other players like Viper and Blaze. The humans started the game saturday with 100+ , I started human and then quicky got converted to the green side, along with the general of the humans, and 10 or 15 others, by final battle on sunday we outnumbered the humans something like 35-26, that was after they brought on their high level speedball team to play with the humans. We won dinner battle, final battle, for sure, and i think we had even mission scores.

Got to play with a lot of great players, we should try and get into the zombie squad for the next game, it is a good time, especially if you are allowed to be a Juggernaut!Image

Victorious General: Rigglet ( Spyro and Bunnies daughter)
Human General: Cupcake, and a guy named Trent.

MVP, Mofo, and Sportsmanship were to great players, i dont remember exactly who they were, a few zombies and humans.

Had a blast…




FEB 4 & 5 – Viper’s “Texas Triple Threat” at Petty Paintball just outside Austin, Texas.

Hey yall! Nate and I are registered for this event, and will be leaving that friday after noon, if possible anyone that can attend this event should! Its a little drive, but a weekend of good times, paintball, camping, cooking out and maybe even a few beers!

We are playing for Bunny, commander of the red side.

A list of rules to go along with the format of the game can be found at

Here is the game format per Viper:

A basic overview of the Texas Triple Threat format

The Texas Triple Threat

• 26 Hours (Noon Sat til 2pm Sunday)
• Reinsertions every 20 minutes
• Three Sides (Not two sides with a third faction…but three full teams)
• Three fortresses
• Multi-mission packets every 30 minutes
• Hourly speedball matches for bonus points for your side

“The Texas Triple Threat” will be one of the most unique events we’ve ever produced. Three commanders will face off in a three-way slug fest. Yeah, I know…we were the first scenario company to produce a three-way event back in 2000 with 1000 players in Houston, so we’ve done it before. Sure we have, but this will be far more interesting.

The commanders and their armies will rotate bases at dinner, and again at breakfast, so they will play one-third of the game from each base.

Additionally, Petty Paintball is mostly wooded, with lots of great terrain and ravines. However, the scenario field doesn’t really have a central speedball area. However, to add a new twist, and provide that speedball fix that many of you love, the commanders will have hourly opportunities to earn chances to send squads to “The Grinder” (The many speedball fields) for quick speedball matches. Wins will earn bonus points for their side.

The Grinder:

At 1pm each commander will call in and “wager” one mission and send in one five-man team. They will play a round robin style tournament on the speedball fields. This continues each hour of the event.

(Randomly determined order)
Red vs Blue
Red vs Green
Blue vs Green

Center flag games
7 Minute time limit
+5 for first pull
+10 for the hang
+2 per enemy elimination
(Max = 25 points)
Expired time results in award of points scored during the seven minutes.

Only the winner receives points. A hang = a win. In the event of no hang the highest scoring team is the winner and keeps their score. Losing teams get zero.

1st place = Double points awarded for wagered mission
2nd place = Keep the points for the wagered mission
3rd place = No score for wagered mission

This repeats each hour. If only two teams show up then first and second are awarded as stated above. If only one team shows it’s an automatic first place.

Anyone who just competed in the grinder must wait one hour before returning.

So you see, you must EARN the right to compete, the risk is up to the commander, and not showing sets the other side up for an easier bonus. If you think you’re ahead gamble with little missions. If you are behind you can take a bigger risk change the spread…one way or the other.

There will be other twists as well that will make this an intense, fast-paced, and unique experience for everyone. More details will follow soon.



Paintball Extravaganza Jan 14th 2012

Hey yall! We had a good turn out, had 10 show up, and we played a ton of rec ball games.

Yall look forward to more recball days!

We played on each of the fields Cousins paintball of Dallas offers for rec ball, the fort field, barrels, ravine/tree house, and hyperball.

They plan on putting on their own scenario games soon, we should try and make it out to one! Its an hour plus or minus depending on where your coming from, and I think it would nice to head to one those months when viper is not producing an event, and we need our paintball fix!